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Content Marketing Template Pack

Ever feel like you’re overcomplicating your content planning processes? We’ve been there. Get 7 ready-to-use templates to organize, plan, and strategize your content marketing initiatives – from ideation to publication. 

What’s included in our Content Marketing Template Pack:

  1. Content Planning Meeting Agenda Template: How to prep and run a successful meeting for content teams 
  2. Workflow Builder Template: Plan like a pro when it comes to building a workflow that everyone can follow 
  3. Content Audit Template: A must-have guide to inventory and assess your existing content, and uncover opportunities for improvements and optimization
  4. Website Content Template: An easy-to-follow guide for creating new web page content
  5. Blog Post Template: How to structure and write a great blog post to boost your seo rankings 
  6. BONUS #1 - Customer Testimonial Template: A quick guide for getting great responses from your customers
  7. BONUS #2 - Customer Survey Template: Questions to ask your existing audience that can help guide and validate your content strategy.


Incorporate these templates into your content operations to save time, simplify, and create better content.

These templates are normally $50
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DivvyHQ Content Marketing Template Pack

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