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Content Marketing Template Pack

Ever feel like you’re overcomplicating your content planning processes? We’ve been there. Get 5 ready-to-use templates to organize, plan, and strategize your content marketing initiatives – from ideation to publication. 

What’s included in our Content Marketing Template Pack:

  • Content Planning Meeting Agenda Template: How to prep and run a successful meeting for content teams 
  • Workflow Builder Template: Plan like a pro when it comes to building a workflow that everyone can follow 
  • Content Audit Template: A must-have guide to inventory and assess your existing content, and uncover opportunities for improvements and optimization
  • Website Content Template: An easy-to-follow guide for creating new web page content
  • Blog Post Template: How to structure and write a great blog post to boost your seo rankings 
  • BONUS #1 - Customer Testimonial Template: A quick guide for getting great responses from your customers
  • BONUS #2 - Customer Survey Template: Questions to ask your existing audience that can help guide and validate your content strategy.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Incorporate these templates into your content operations to save time, simplify, and create better content for only $5.00.

DivvyHQ Content Marketing Template Pack

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